The Top 5 Tools To Build Your Business Like A Pro

You start with an amazing idea and want to jump all the way in with no clue on what to do first. We've all been there. It's a matter of trial and error. You test a few methods and see what works best for you. 

Well you're in luck! I am here to show you 5 tools that I use to run my business. From time saving tips, professional websites, money management, and scheduling systems. 

Let's Talk Finances

 It's easy to hit the GO button and just start without thinking about how you will manage your finances. I know, for the longest all my payments went into my personal account. The best thing that could have happened was being introduced to SIMPLE. 

With SIMPLE you can set goals for budgeting, know first hand whats safe for you to spend, and there are NO FEES. 

When you try SIMPLE and refer it to your friends, family, and other business owners you can get $20.

Start Banking with SIMPLE

Scheduling Genius 

Sometimes I can't believe how easy this platform is to use. You can create forms, customize your platform look, embed it into your current website, add gift certificates, see your revenue at a glance, and even take payments online. It literally is like having a personal assistant 24/7. Since I'm an app girl I'm even more excited that it has an app, making it even easier to manage your schedule. 

You can sign up for the FREE service but upgrading to a plan is absolutely worth it, especially since its only $15. No worries, I'm sure you will love this scheduling system so telling everyone about it will be second nature and the referral bonuses are a plus too. It's a WIN - WIN.

Start Scheduling with Acuity Scheduling

Professional Website

 There's no secret that I am a WIX fan. I use other platforms but there's something about WIX that I just love. When I create a site for my clients I can also easily show them how to make small, simple edits without them knowing how to use code. 

This platform has evolved over the years and has made creating a website design for the not so tech savvy so simple. One of the main features I love is the clean layout of online stores. You can also embed other platforms you are using so that its an easy one stop shop when visiting your site. 

If you a new business owner and need a website and you do not have web design in your budget, this platform is perfect for any DIYer. 

Start with WIX free or affordable plans so that you have somewhere other than your IG account to send your customers. 

Start a WIX account 

Marketing for Later

Later has become one of my all time favorite apps. It makes managing your social media without even thinking about it. If you are a social media manager you absolutely need this app. 

With Later you can mange multiple platforms, drag and drop media for future posts, manage Instagram comments, analytics, and search popular posts and hashtags. 

As a premium customer you can access the landing page. With this tool, you drive traffic to a built in landing page that's linked directly to your Instagram account. 

Start a Later account



PLANNthat is a game changer! OMG the things this app can do. You can plan out your post and stories over 30 days. Especially if you are not sure how you want your page to look, this is a the best way to see your layout at a glance. 

Stock photos are a quick search away. Think about it, if you have a clear aesthetic just look it up and stock photos are at your finger tips. This app also provides a review of your performance analytics, showing you your top posts, color palette, goals to work towards, growth, and best performing hashtags.

It also provides you an opportunity to become a master story teller through brand strategies, and allows you to research your competitors. 

There is a free option and plans available but get the plan. You'll thank me later. 

Start PLANNing 

I hope that these tips helps to take your business to another level. Sometimes you just want to focus on the tasks at hand and not all of the behind the scenes. If you need someone to manage your business while you focus on your clients schedule a FREE 15 min consultation with me. 


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