Side Hustle: Postmates

If you're reading this than you know I hit 100! Yes that's right. I have made a total of 100 deliveries with Postmastes. One of my first milestones with my delivery side hustle. 

Getting Started

The process seemed pretty easy, especially since its free to sign up. You can go directly to the site and if you know someone who drives already, you can use their referral code. 

1. Create an account. When you create an account you'll enter your demographics and how you plan to deliver (Car, Walking, or Bike) You'll also need to upload a profile picture and proof of your identity. 

2. Once everything has been verified you'll get a welcome kit sent to you in the mail. The kit will include a delivery bag and your prepaid postmates card. 

3. You'll also need to make sure you download the Fleet app. Once you've received your welcome kit, link your prepaid card to your account and you're ready to start accepting orders. 

The Process

Now you're ready to take your first order. Make sure you have enough gas in your car, your delivery bag ready, and your prepaid card. Some orders will be prepaid, while some will require you to pay with your postmates card. If the order requires payment, postmates will load the card based on the order that has been placed through the app. 

Deliveries have three steps: 

1. Accepting an order. Orders will pop up on your screen allowing you to accept or skip them. Now I will be honest I do not accept every order. There are some restaurants that have 30 min and up waits. Yes you will be compensated for the wait but sometimes its just not worth it. 

I remember getting an order for 7 eleven, not knowing ahead of time what the order was, I walk in to pick up the items from the cashier. She hands me a pack of cigars. Everything in me was like ummm no thank you and I'll decline this order but since I was already there I just took it. When the address pops up I'm like uuugggghhh are you seriou?! (It was late and it was on a dead end street) Again, I should have listened to that little voice saying, nah sus, take that back to the store, but I didn't. The house looked like it was straight out of a horror movie and I'm facing the dead end street. Before I could turn the car around the young lady comes out of the house and I'm like dang I can't turn around. Since the app is so awesome it prompts you to scan the customers ID for certain purchases. Let's just say she was not of age to purchase this particular item. 

The point is, you learn what to leave in the app and what to work. Not all money is good money girl. LOL

2. Once you've accepted the order the app will work with either google maps or waze to direct you to the fastest route. 

3. Once you arrive, you'll either order the item or pick up the order that has already been placed. When you pick up the order you'll select the items you've picked up and in some cases upload a copy of the receipt. Once you've indicated in the app that all items have been picked up and completed, the app will route you to the customers delivery address. 

Sometimes you'll run into situations such as a closed location or some items not available. All of this can be recorded in the app. You can even call or text the customer (your number is masked) if you run into issues with their order. The better you communicate with them usually means a better tip. 

4. You've arrived. Once you have arrived at the address, you'll take the items to the customer, mark off order has been delivered and move on to the next order. 

The app also allows you to stack orders, meaning that when you are headed to one location another order can pop up for your to pickup while on the way. 

What Kind Of Money Can You Really Make

The earning potential is as little or as much as you want it to be. There are a few ways to maximize your earning potential on your time. You set the hours so you decide when you start and when you stop. I must warn you once you start it can become a little addictive. LOL 

1. Incentives - There are always incentives within the app. I recall hitting one incentive for $110 for making 10 deliveries that day. Which really isn't that hard when you know when to go on app and where to go. 

2. Knowing what time to go on - You'll learn your areas and the most popular times to go online. For me breakfast and dinner times are the best times, especially in the Uptown area in my city. Most of the time I'm picking up multiple orders at a time during these time frames which means higher earning potentials. 

3. Blitz bonus - You'll also receive notifications to go online during blitz bonuses. When you complete deliveries during this time you'll receive an additional payout. 

4. Referrals - Referring friends pays out $100 per person. When your referral completes 65 deliveries within 30 days you'll receive $100 and its unlimited. 

Just like with any "job" there are pros and cons but I'll take this over clocking in any day. I've been that person working a 9-5 then rushing off to my part-time gig. At least with this gig I get to set my own hours and sometimes I bring my teenagers along to help out. (I let them keep the tips) 

If you would like to try out Postmates for 30 days use referral code


Once you start, come back to the blog and share your experience in the comments. 

Remember it's never too late to change the game! 


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