Shift The Plan - It's Never Too Late To Change The Game

There is not a right or a wrong way to do LIFE! Like seriously. We make plans to conquer the world and barely end conquering our day most times. LOL 

I remember starting at Wayne State University and having BIG dreams of being an attorney. Took all the classes and made all the plans but than life changed. The planned shifted. With both of my children I had rough pregnancies that required me to be on bed rest very early on. So while in my junior year I stopped mid semester and took care of me and my first heartbeat.  Where were all the online courses when I needed them. (Oh Well) PLOT TWIST 

After my son was born, I focused on him and my then husband went back to school. About a year later we moved from Detroit to Charlotte. Now I'm in a new city, where I really didn't know anyone. Luckily I've never been one of those people who could make friends. So now I have my girl tribe, raising our babies and just living life. If I was really thinking, I should have just transferred to Johnson C. Smith or UNCC and knocked out my degree. I mean I only had one more year to go. UGH I still have time. It's never too late. Well I kind of did start. I went to school online... thank you, finally. I needed that whole balance thing. I don't know I how I would have handled that whole campus thing. LOL 

I was able to receive my Associates Degree and should have kept going but I kept being that little worker bee. I'm sorry ya'll that I keep having these woulda, coulda, shoulda moments but whew how far I could have been if only.... I guess it was all in God's timing and I will not question that. :) #Godsplan

Fast forward to 2006 and the plan shifted yet again. I got a DIVORCE. The big D. I'll so another blog post about that because that's an entire topic on its own. At this point I had my babygirl, my breezy. I'm like scared to death even though I was the one that threw in the towel (well, it was kinda mutual) I was still nervous about this new journey. I remember sitting in the car in front of my new place with my fried Tamika and just telling me how proud she was of me and that although it was a big leap that I will be ok and I have to be strong for the children. It was such a "Girl, God got you moment." An she was right. I moved into that place with little to no furniture with me and my babies. Their Dad was still very present but he had his stuff going on and I had my stuff going on. 

Now years, tears, laughs, mistakes, and triumphs later I'm remarried with a blended family. Ya'll we are straight brady bunch over here. We have 5 children together and it's a work in progress daily. This is my husbands first marriage and it's so funny because I swear his favorite line when I give him "feedback" (short for go is "I ain't never been married before." I love him for life though. We are still in the early years of our marriage, year three, so we have plenty of time to continue to grow daily. 

Recently, I took a crazy leap to start working more on my personal business, along with my It Works business. So by work I mean I've had several clients by referral (Thank you Lord) but have yet to really put myself out there. Why? I have no idea. This is the part where I'm always giving myself that pep talk. I have so many encouraging words for everyone else but when it came to me..... I literally have changed my website so many times. So if you are reading this that means I held myself accountable and launched the freaking thing. Yeah me :) 

I'm excited to take you all on my journey and hope to introduce you to some other black queens that are changing the game.


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