I help female service based entrepreneurs turn their business into a highly converting brand online through design, implementing effective business systems, and creating the ultimate client experience.


As a business owner it's important to put the right systems in place. These systems will help you provide the ultimate client experience.

What if I told you those same systems you love and trust can also make you passive income? 

In this download learn about platforms I know, love, and trust, that's also earning me money in my sleep. 


I'm Rhonda

I am the Owner & Founder of Rhonda D. Evans Consulting. Over the past 6 years I've worked with other entrepreneurs to develop business strategies, brand clarity, service & product development through Website Design and Systems Implementation.

I use the knowledge and skill I've gained over the years to help service based business owners close more clients in less time, create seamless business workflows, and create the ultimate client experience that keeps them coming back. 

Nothing excites me more than when I see my clients get amazing results within their business. It's time to make a dynamic shift in your brand. Let's do it together. 

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Are you an established business that's not getting the results you want in your business? 

Are you speaking to YOUR audience? Do you have the right systems in place?


If any of these questions sound like you, than we need to talk.

Starting a business and growing it is not an easy task. Making sure you start on a solid foundation makes the journey well worth it!


When it comes to designing a website you must keep the customer in mind, always. Cute doesn't cut it. 

Learning the tools to speak to your ideal client is key. Knowing your why, who you are serving, and what it is you have to offer should be found on your site without having to using a roadmap.


But that's just part of it. Using my proven Client Experience Method will help you gain more time in your day to do all of the things your love in your business while increasing your revenue.

Clients Are Saying


My website was in need of a makeover. RDE Consulting helped me with entering in products, picking out color scheme/design, etc. Working with her was Amazing! My site looks better than ever. It’s easy to navigate and I can’t wait for my customers to see it! One thing I liked was her Communication & Ease of workflow. Rhonda was very consistent in communication and always asked for my vision before making any changes. It was a seamless process.

-Shauntese , 5 Thirty Boutique

Shifting your brand does not have to be hard and it will not be with me to walk you through the process, step by step. 

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