Are you a business owner who is just getting started and looking for direction? 


Are you an established business that's not getting the results you want? 


Are you speaking to YOUR audience? Do you have the right systems in place?


If any of these questions sound like you, than we need to talk. Starting a business and growing it is not an easy task. Making sure you start on a solid foundation makes the journey well worth it!


When it comes to designing a website you must keep the customer in mind, always. Cute doesn't cut it. 

Learning the tools to speak your ideal client is key. Knowing your why, who you are serving, and what it is you have have to offer she be found on your site without having to using a roadmap. 

My website was in need of a makeover. RDE Consulting helped me with entering in products, picking out color scheme/design, etc. Working with her was Amazing! My site looks better than ever. It’s easy to navigate and I can’t wait for my customers to see it! One thing I liked was her Communication & Ease of workflow. Rhonda was very consistent in communication and always asked for my vision before making any changes. It was a seamless process.

-Shauntese , 5 Thirty Boutique


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